Achieving *Your* Success in the Arts

ImageDespite the odds, someone somewhere always manages to win the lottery.

It makes the argument moot that the odds are against anyone to win the jackpot. Somebody has to. If they didn’t, the lottery would be useless to everyone.

My late grandfather, years ago, won the Arizona State Lottery. He spent days, weeks, and years working on achieving his success with it; it did not come easily. He worked at it as many would work at a full-time job. He made graphs and charts and studied methods and algorithms; heck, he might have even consulted astrologers. The effort paid off after 5 years of constant pursuit. It was his White Whale.

To me, the mere fact he worked so hard at it does not factor in “luck.” I believe in this instance, my grandfather made his own luck. If he’d achieved this by buying a ticket on a whim – then, yes, I believe that would have been the result of luck. Perhaps even Karma, as the spiritualists might say. Either way, my grandfather focused and brought his dream into being.

Perhaps we all have a genie in our pocket. In a previous blog post, I discussed the controversial study of Noetic Science ( This study theorizes how we are all connected to the universe at large and can, though our intentions and even will, bring about subjective affects. This is motivated and brought together by defining what we want clearly and setting the factors that govern it into motion.

I am a writer; during my apprenticeship, my will was bent on getting published. This was achieved, but not after a long period of hard work and study. Getting published is not astronomical by itself; it is not the lottery. This goal is intermediary and has a good chance of making itself manifest to any writer who works hard at it. The key is to learn the craft and be adaptable to the markets. One must learn the craft and the structure, because even to deftly and skillfully break these rules, we must be well-versed in them. Artists must learn the foundation, the very firmament of creation to create and find success. No writer may write something when they are illiterate; no painter may put oil to the canvas without understanding color schemes; no musician can play a note when they do not know how to play an instrument. Rules need to be learned and adhered to.

The trick for any success in the Arts is no different than success in anything else, whether termed practical or lucky. The best way to achieve your dream is to set goals for yourself and DEFINE what it is you wish to achieve. Being “published” is not the same as being a bestselling author. Being a rock “star” is not the same as merely cutting a CD. Many times ultimate financial goals are gained through financial means and methods, not by artistic ones.


  • Define what you wish to achieve and be specific about it.
  • Don’t just “wish” for something, set it into motion – no matter how far and elusive that wish is.
  • Set aside intermediate goals that will help you get to where you want to be.

And, finally

  • Remember that achieving a goal or a wish doesn’t mean you will be content with the results.

After all, success in the Arts can be arbitrary.


About mciddangelo

"I write because I believe in literature; I believe that the art of words is louder than sound, more colorful than paintings. My novels are written not because of the pursuit of money or even success, but in the FAITH that they exalt our experiences; that not only do they give us enjoyment to read them, but they are meant to open worlds that a reader may not ever imagine." M Cid D'Angelo is published in Aiofe's Kiss, Calliope, Eureka Literary Magazine, Third Wednesday, Midway Journal, and many others. He is the author of Dead Reckoning (J Ellington Ashton Press, 2015), available on Amazon in paperback and Kindle versions.
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