“The Light”

My short horror story, “The Light”, was first drafted in 1992 and became the very first of my fiction to be sold, some 14 years later. During its original drafting, I didn’t think much of its chances for success and shelved it. It wasn’t until much later when I took it down, dusted it off, and attempted to get it sold. I recall being surprised at its quick acceptance after revising it. It appears in the December 2006 issue of Aiofe’s Kiss – a sci/fi genre magazine. The editor at the time, Tyree Campbell, flattered me by stating that even though their magazine was given mostly to science fiction, he loved the horror story so much she blew their general guidelines to include it.

The short story was published a second time by The Siren’s Call in 2014 and found its way as a supplement into my seaside horror novel, Dead Reckoning (J Ellington Ashton Press, 2015).


About mciddangelo

"I write because I believe in literature; I believe that the art of words is louder than sound, more colorful than paintings. My novels are written not because of the pursuit of money or even success, but in the FAITH that they exalt our experiences; that not only do they give us enjoyment to read them, but they are meant to open worlds that a reader may not ever imagine." M Cid D'Angelo is published in Aiofe's Kiss, Calliope, Eureka Literary Magazine, Third Wednesday, Midway Journal, and many others. He is the author of Dead Reckoning (J Ellington Ashton Press, 2015), available on Amazon in paperback and Kindle versions.
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